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  • Avaya has announced new capabilities for Avaya Spaces, its modern workstream collaboration (WSC) platform that offers evolved Unified Communications capabilities via a user’s preferred device. AI-enhanced meetings and simpler, integrated voice an...
  • Energy consumption by Communications Service Providers (CSP) is set to increase due to rising traffic and network densification.
    Nokia’s new AVA Energy Efficiency service applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further reduce energy usage in 5G and multi-...  more
  • Avaya Spaces innovation is enabling school administrators, teachers and students to deliver a 360-degree digital education experience.
  • Nokia and China Mobile reached a strategic agreement to provide seamless IoT global connectivity services for both China and international customers based on Nokia’s Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) managed service, expanding the capability of OneLink.
    ...  more
  • Combined speeds from two devices hit 8 Gbps on a commercial 5G network on mmWave spectrum. Supports low-latency, high-bandwidth services such as high-speed video downloads and VR/AR.
  • AVA Quality of Experience (QoE) at the Edge enables artificial intelligence (AI) to be deployed closer to the customer, allowing real-time improvements in customer experience. The service enables CSPs to confidently launch new low latency consumer service...  more
  • • Three-year deal covers services for all existing and new private LTE and 5G enterprise campus network deployments
    • Partnership brings the very latest campus network technology, deployment and operations methods to the Austrian market
    • A1 and Nokia ha...  more
  • Selected for 5G RAN and existing network modernization in Finland. Chosen as provider of 5G standalone core in 6 European markets.
  • Deal will see nationwide deployment of IoT coverage for enterprises enabled by Nokia’s Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING).WING’s connectivity management platform delivers real-time visibility for IoT devices and services.
  • Nokia differentiates with capabilities required for 5G and service agility