Quortus white paper shines light on transformative potential of MEC

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • May 9, 2016 11:06 AM BST

Document identifies technology’s immediate value to enterprise and operators, as well as providing platform for future services on path to 5G

Guildford, UK – 9 May 2016 – Quortus today published a new white paper in conjunction with Rethink Technology Research, outlining the commercial potential and technical aspects of mobile edge computing (MEC). The paper analyzes opportunities the technology creates for MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs, and outlines a network architecture which implements 5G-like concepts of virtualization and network slicing today. This in turn can enable new business models and partnerships, driving new revenues into the whole value chain, both in immediate use cases like integrated enterprise communications, and in emerging applications which will follow along the path to 5G.

Quortus has a proven track record of deploying intelligence at the network edge in support of new business cases and value propositions. The new white paper draws on this wealth of experience, and the market analysis and understanding of Rethink Research, to explain the impact MEC can have in terms of service delivery, ecosystem expansion, revenue generation and cost reduction.

The sustained growth of data traffic on mobile networks and declining profitability of core consumer voice and data services have been driving a radical rethink of network architectures. Mobile operators need to meet users’ ever-rising expectations of data speeds, capacity and quality of experience, while keeping the cost of delivery low enough to be profitable. But they also need to develop new high-value, revenue-generating services to justify investment in their networks and to increase overall profitability.

MEC is one of the most significant current developments in wireless networks, with immense promise to transform the economics of dense data networks and to enable new services and revenue streams driven by a broad ecosystem. By providing a cloud IT environment at the edge of the network, MEC enables a huge range of new connected applications and enhances user experience.

“MEC is much more than just an industry buzzword,” said Andy Odgers, Quortus CEO. “Quortus has been working in this sphere since before the term MEC was coined; the applications and customer “pull” are very much here and now. This White Paper comprehensively demonstrates the commercial potential and explains MEC in context of the pathway to 5G, as well as highlighting benefits of dual-plane architectures to create new revenue opportunities, particularly in enterprise communications.”

Harnessing SDN and virtualization, MEC provides opportunities for many stakeholders, especially in providing enterprise communications solutions. These include MVNO/MVNEs, integrators and other communications service providers, which can create new locally-tailored services thanks to more intelligent flexible network capabilities provided close to the user. There are also substantial benefits to the network operator, which gains a dramatically improved range of channels to market.

To download the white paper Mobile Edge Computing: Rebalancing the Mobile Network, please click here: https://www.quortus.com/news-and-events/press-releases/quortus-white-paper-shines-light-on-transformative-potential-of-mec.