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Innovation Review on Smart Grid

9/13/22 4:30 PM - 9/13/22 8:30 PM

An increasingly connected and modern evolution of the world’s electrical infrastructure is underway. With soaring carbon-based energy costs and aging infrastructure, the energy sector is looking to Smart Grid solutions, where bi-directional, high-speed, reliable and secure data communications will transform the industry. Opportunities abound for telcos, startups and clean tech companies.

Join our tech scouts from telcos, tech companies, vendors, and investors as we discuss connectivity solutions for Smart Grids—the sensors, storage, IIoT, cloud compute, and Edge. We will also look at CleanTech enabling cheaper and cleaner energy production and delivery.

Hosted onsite at Ericsson in Santa Clara, CA and online in our Virtual Meeting Room

Registration Fee $200

Deatils & Registration at https://telecomcouncil.cventevents.com/qPqNeV?RefId=tp


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