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Digitalization Compensation & Benefit Processes MasterClass

8/12/21 8:00 AM - 8/13/21 4:00 PM
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The increasing demand for digitalization is currently challenging large to small sized company globally and hardly any company can ignore the digitalization trends today. This masterclass will provide delegates clarity of which prerequisites need to be considered to prepare for the demanding task. This course will provide examples to digitalization mysteries in compensation management.
The Advanced Masterclass “Fit for HR Compensation & Benefits Digitalization” primarily aims to support experienced business and HR professionals who are direct or indirect responsible for the implementation of digital projects and initiatives. It provides concrete recommendations for action and transparency with regards to the implementation of digital projects. By discussing best practice approaches and recommending iterative procedures, delegates will be empowered to act on an equal footing with decision-makers and consultants in the digitalization process. Often, the biggest challenge is that the focus lays on the software packages. However, it is way more important to analyze and focus on those processes which need to be digitized first. These processes must be optimized first before new target processes will be developed and be mapped accordingly in the software. Remember: By simply applying a software solution to out-of-date processes which operate
poorly will lead to inferior results and could decrease efficiency.

The two-day workshop will focus on four main parts:
• HR CB Data Management / System design
• HR CB Processes
• HR CB Policies / Guidelines
• Communication, Change and Training Management


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