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Putting Customer Experience at the heart of operating models

  • Customer service is a people thing. It’s about how consumers, the people who buy things interact with the people at companies. Making that relationship work means those who are customer facing need the right tools to provide the highest quality of customer service.


    The Apptium philosophy of puts customer experience at the heart of next-generation operating models.  A customer quickly loses its faith and the service provider quickly loses its credibility if they're not able to resolve the problem or drive resolution to the problem. It's not about ending a phone call in two minutes or less, but it's about getting it right the first time.


    Telecom operators have moved into home security, they've extended into IoT. They've expanded into aggregation with software as a service. Now they're adding mobile transactions and mobile money. They're expanding to connected cars. They need the right digital tools with which to support their customers.


    The online economy has empowered consumers, from dropping a coupon into a mailbox and waiting 28 days for delivery, to ordering online at midnight and expecting the delivery by the following lunchtime with minute by minute tracking. Consumers expect sophisticated interactions across multiple channels from their service providers. 


    Unless service providers align their technology and business models to effectively engage these digital customers they will fail to meet their demands. Re-shaping the enterprise using next-generation operating models can achieve value while enabling customer journey optimization. 


    That means the service provider thinking about people not products, the interaction between the person and the business can be face to face in a store, through a call centre or online, but it needs to be personal. Either presenting the consumer with appropriate choices or empowering the agent to do the same. 


    Getting this right is crucial to the development of the role of the service provider. While the digital market has boomed, operator revenues have stagnated in the face of over the top players. As the gateway to the digital economy there is a huge opportunity for those service providers who get it right. Doing so requires both a deep understanding of consumers and the tools to build a system which is tailored to the consumer need.


    To meet both of these needs Apptium has built its catalog based digital business platform, it enables the service provider to customise the optimum customer journey. It leverages our mantra of low code, no code templates being able to orchestrate and guide the interactions. eCommerce is important, you're aggregating device information, you're putting things out there, making it easy for your customers to transact. Giving them a good shopping experience. The thinking behind this  is that the world today is not just made of products and services. It's products and services and those services require orchestration. Everything from shipping management to the networks. It is the job of the platform to cherry-pick products and services from other providers, such as Netflix and HBO, and present them to the consumer as a package which is integrated with other offerings from the service provider. 


    Apptium has built its catalog to be flexible in the way it is populated with products to meet consumer demand and houses the ability to support products and services to create an offer. But our catalog was not just designed to be the master catalog or master offer configurator. It was designed in mind with a federated catalog strategy. Understanding that if we had to fetch data from another provider. An over the top, a content, a software, device manufacturer. We could federate our catalog structures to go and get the pertinent and the relevant information based upon what the customer's interests. The choice of offers comes from a model based on core consumer personas and analysing the customer behaviour in real time.  It is a key differentiator for us. When we talk about guided interactions, this is not just a recommendation based on what a product manager or product engineer declares is the next best offer or the next best discount or the next best speed of service. But it's based upon real kind of criteria. What we call the customer 360. Taking a look at demographics, we look at usage. Taking into account device information, service topology. All of the details and attributes about how the customer lives, work, eats and plays.


    The Apptium platform works to deliver breakthrough customer experiences through digital reshaping. This empowers the service provider to be a one-stop shop for the consumer, and entire ecosystem. We evolve the customer experience or we elevate the customer experience. We evolve the digital strategy and we transform operations. The customer ecosystem today is disparaged. It's fragmented. Why do I have to go anywhere outside of my service provider interface to manage my IoT device? Why do I have to look and shop and get devices from Amazon? The Apptium platform provides a trusted interface to do all of that. We understand the customer ecosystem and continuously evolve it with our own marketplace and integrating to third party marketplaces such as Google, such as Amazon, it provides us the ability to support the ecosystem. To make recommendations and offers and allow us to support our customers from care, from commerce to care.


    There are huge benefits for both the consumer and the service provider. When we talk about the customer ecosystem, we're just not just looking at the one time transaction or the monthly recurring charges. We're supporting everything from commerce to care to allowing the customer to shop and feel the sense of edification and satisfaction in completing the transaction and knowing the products, goods and services are trusted and delivered. But we're there when there's a problem. When any of those products, goods and services driving intelligent outcomes and driving the first time right. If we put the customer at the heart of the ecosystem, the most important thing for us is the first time right.


    There is a self-fulfilling process of improving the service provider culture and consumer experience, one drives the other. In this connected age service providers can only afford to deliver excellent service, the social media power is in the hands of the consumers. When Neil Armstrong went to the moon he took five photographs. Most millennials will do that in a lunch hour.


    One North American wireless carrier which implemented the Apptium platform to address the issues of care agents not having the right tools, of customers having long waits with no chatbot support and an impact on stores as they became support rather than sales centres, found a huge turnaround. The Apptium technology created an omni-channel solution providing a seamless transition between mobile, retail, and care channels. It tracked customer interactions across channels to provide a holistic view of customer and integrated recommendations based on history and customer actions to drive personalisation.


    But the technology, the low code, the no code, the personalisation, tracking and huge variety of products and services accessible though the catalog, are just tools. What ultimately matters are the people.

    Rick Kapani
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