Opinion Articles

  • New economic theory doesn't add up

    What is difficult to understand is a company that reports a $2.3 billion quarterly profit representing an 18% increase on the back of a 6% increase in sales then announces it is cutting back its workforce by 5% on fears of an uncertain futur.
  • Google bucking the system

    So, it seems Google’s foray into WiFi provisioning leaps from ‘experiments’ in two US cities to helium-filled balloons over New Zealand and now to the sacrosanct coffee temples of Starbucks, all 7,000 of them in the USA.
  • Turkish Delight in IT

    Ask anyone who has ever visited Istanbul what their favourite city is and it will almost certainly be Istanbul! It is a remarkable place in every respect.
  • LTE Rollout: Make it a Smashing Success with Risk Assessment, Controls, and Marketing Offer Analytics

    Being in the telecom industry for many years has given me numerous opportunities to smile. For instance, just the other day a mobile operator PR guy was quoted as saying , “Our LTE deployments give us a big advantage over our competitors.”I...
  • Has Zynga lost its zing?

    Seems that when a digital services or content provider needs a revenue boost it turns to mobile as its saviour. Shame Zynga didn’t think of that a bit earlier. Even Facebook cottoned onto that market quicker.
  • YouTube scary stats

    YouTube led video explosion is happening right now and at a pace that defies logic.
  • Nothing's changed

    “Today, banks are at another competitive crossroads. This time the new contenders in financial services are telephone companies, specifically wireless telecoms. The banks’ latest challenge is at hand, literally, in the form of the increasin...
  • Pay $100 to tell Mark Zuckerberg where to go

    Facebook's latest money-making gimmick may backfire big time, but advertisers may see value in target messages to hapless Facebook members.
  • Operators and Vendors – Mind the Gap!

    Vendors and operators are historically carrying on two monologues at the same time, and there is a gap between the things on the vendors’ agenda and those on operators’.
  • Google averts Mayan calendar prediction?

    First it was Apple's iOS missing daylight savings changes in some countries, now it's Android missing a whole month. What is going on?