Opinion Articles

  • Can businesses really deliver true customer insight?

    The fight is real
    While every traditional business understands the need to get closer to its customers to increase retention and maintain a competitive edge, finding methods to do it quickly and cheaply is difficult. Just having decades worth of valua...
  • Monetising digital ecosystems to drive future profitability

    Its now hard to imagine life before we had computing power at our fingertips, instant access to information and truly global communications, but the changes brought about by the digital revolution are far from over. In fact, the digital world is about ...
  • Achieving customer satisfaction in converged world

    We constantly read about customer experience in the industry press and blogs. It has become the ‘holy grail’ all businesses strive to attain – yet few get close.
    Depending on what solution vendors offer and the ability of the busines...
  • The Dawn of the Digital Service Provider: Transforming from CSPs to DSPs

    Having transformed their networks, communications service providers now need to transform themselves
    High-speed broadband networks, coupled with high-performance computers, are proving to be a potent combination. As they become very fast and very resp...
  • Time for End-to-End Analytics

    New analytical tools will boost communications service providers’ performance
    In an increasingly data-driven economy, communications service providers are in an enviable position.
    Most people interact with their mobile operator dozens of times ...
  • Did Apple kill my iPhone?

    Could it be that my phone was deliberately disabled by the manufacturer in the hope I would upgrade to a new model. In this era of over-the-air upgrades it is a possibility, but would they?
  • Differential pricing next?

    There are already thousands of ways to price and charge for digital services but how long before we have to get down to pricing for demographic groups and even individuals.
  • The hacking, spying and customer care conundrum

    Operators are investing millions to understand what their customers do online but 86 percent of internet users ‘have taken steps to remove or mask their digital footprints’ - what does that tell you?
  • Advanced Order Management Brings Benefits to Customers and Service Providers

    Order Management Systems (OMS) do not usually receive a lot of accolades or attention, yet this particular back-end system is probably one of the most critical and complex within a service provider's network. Without a solid order management system, se...
  • Mobile payments mayhem

    Financial institutions and mobile operators are acutely aware of the security concerns of consumers when it comes to entering the mobile payments space, but both are trying go it alone in most cases.