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iPhone 5 and UK carriers

I won't bore you with all the details of Apple's latest iPhone - the web is awash with those.

Instead, I'll point out that the vendor runs the risk of missing out on lucrative carrier contracts in the UK. That's because the range of LTE frequencies included in the device now favour Everything Everywhere - now to be called EE -, which was recently granted permission by regulator Ofcom to launch 4G services on refarmed 1800-MHz spectrum.

Rival carriers have already cried foul over the decision, but the fact the new iPhone can run on EE's forthcoming 4G network is likely to cause further controversy (the operator this week launched a trial network, and is gearing up to cover a third of the population with its commercial offering by the year end).

If you were Vodafone or Telefonica O2, would you bother negotiating on the new iPhone? Sure, it will run on HSPA too, but who would pick that option over a full-fledged 4G experience?

There has previously been much debate about whether operators can afford not to stock the iPhone, but Apple's strict contracts have also been a talking point in so much as the carriers tend not to make much on the devices.

So, in the UK at least, perhaps the question should be can EE's rivals do better by not stocking the device?