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What's wrong with answering machines?

This is more of a complaint than a 'buzzy' commentary.

Recently I've been plagued by phone calls from PRs on my mobile and landline. Typically if there's no answer on the mobile, they try the landline immediately afterwards.

Now, as a journalist, it's kind of wrong to say 'plagued' by PR calls. These are an essential part of my business.

But what's getting to me is that none of them leave messages about why they're calling. Instead, I'm receiving multiple calls from the same number throughout the day, with no clue who it is or what they want. (It's important to note here that I don't always leap to answer my phone when busy writing stories/commentaries).

I'm pretty sure answering machines have been around for my entire life, even if they only became mainstream consumer goods in the 1980s. Given that, why aren't people using them anymore? They certainly can't be scared by this wonderful 'new' technology, so what the heck is happening?

Perhaps the wider world has now become so averse to voice that the prospect of leaving a voicemail has become alien? I suspect not - if that was the case, surely they wouldn't call in the first place.

Either way, the lack of a message in lieu of multiple phone calls is an annoying development, and certainly not one that encourages me to call back. If nothing else, I've no idea who to ask for when that call connects.