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NFC wristbands - now we're talking

  • Posted by Tony Poulos
  • October 1, 2013 11:59 AM BST
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NFC World reports that a team of developers are raising funding on Kickstarter for a rubber wristband that wearers will be able to use to unlock their phone, cancel or postpone an alarm clock, control the volume of music, skip songs and share their contact information via NFC.

Now this could make some real sense if NFC is to really take off. Forget all the hoo-ha over NFC on mobile phones and having to carry all those credit and transit cards around with you when you could just wear a wristband.

It has become socially acceptable for men and women to wear brightly colored bands in support of charities, as exercise measurement tools and simply as adornment. Adding NFC functionality could really make them useful as well.

The developers, Thirteenfiftysix are talking about putting two NFC tags in each wristband but, presumably, more could be added. They are designed primarily to work in conjunction with smartphone apps that allow the wearer to program the bracelet to carry out different functions depending on the phone's state and whether the wristband is tapped or held to a phone.

Looks like this could also be the security device we have been waiting for. Imagine the phone locking as soon as it is out of range of the owner’s wrist. Presumably, functions could be extended so it would work as a travel card on rail and bus networks as well.