Strategizing Robotics Process Automation

  • Posted by TechMahindra
  • August 15, 2017 6:23 AM BST
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Time is the greatest money making asset any individual can possess - Ed Slott. 

 With ever increasing competition, reduced profit margins and advanced disruptive innovation, one of the biggest challenges faced by any business is increase productivity & improve customer services so as to attract new customer and retain existing ones. One of the core reasons of emergence of automation industry wide is to ensure that business can continue its operations seamlessly without any impacts caused by human inefficiency. However, even with increased automation, the productivity and operational efficiency are hit because of human-centric problems around: 

Communication gap 

Understanding the bigger picture 

Poor management and supervision 

Inconsistency in work Inadequate technical knowledge 


As a result of these, there is often more time consumed by employees doing manual jobs viz. reworking on similar horizontal and vertical processes, collating & processing information, investigating, validation, comparing reports, summarizing reports and so on. In such circumstances, very little time is devoted to those crucial tasks which have a positive impact on customer experience – tasks which make it extremely easy for the customer to learn about you, buy from you, and get support from you as and when they need it. 

Due to economic competition, many companies across various industry verticals are looking forward to mechanism to make their employees apply latest skills and intelligence in their work. Swaying away the burden of manual tasks and engaging employees in best possible ways to create maximum value out of their actual business is crucial for an organization’s survival. When all business tasks are well organized, it helps an organization produce more useful product and services for the end users.