Enabling the Digital Transformation of China Mobile Zhejiang

  • Posted by huawei
  • June 2, 2017 10:47 AM BST
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China Mobile Zhejiang Co.,Ltd, part of the China Mobile Group, serves over 50 million subscribers in China’s Zhejiang province. As part of the Group’s ‘Big Connectivity’ strategy, China Mobile Zhejiang began work on its own digital transformation program in 2014. China Mobile Zhejiang Co.,Ltd is a fully-owned subsidiary of China Mobile with 11 city-level branches and 62 county-level branches in Zhejiang province.  

A key part of the operator’s transformation was exploiting the opportunity to open China Mobile Zhejiang’s network and business services to its partners. In 2015, an agreement was established with Huawei to implement and manage a strategically critical B2B2x API exposure platform and partner ecosystem, with the aim of monetizing China Mobile Zhejiang’s telco assets, and driving incremental revenue for the operator.

In mid-2015 the exposure platform was serving around 25 partners. Today, it has grown to an ecosystem of over 1000 partners, supported by 270+ APIs, which have been called over 2 billion times. By the end of 2016, the revenue from API exposure had exceeded 100 Million RMB. Challenges China Mobile is expected to play a major role in the country’s industrial Internet of Things evolution. However, basic connectivity, while a growing source of revenue for the operator, makes up just a fraction of the overall value of IoT. To see a return on investment, operators like China Mobile need to move up the value chain, and play a much bigger role within the overall ecosystem. 

The platform has been fundamental to the operator’s transformation from a traditional network provider to an enabling partner in the digital era, ready to play a central role in the evolving industrial internet.