Digital CRM: Accelerating Order Management for Telcos

  • Posted by TechMahindra
  • January 6, 2017 9:52 AM GMT
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Customers today expect speed, convenience and accessibility in the purchasing process. And telecom service providers often struggle to meet these expectations. This is largely due to the fact that a customer, more often than not, has to visit a local store, fill a paper form and submit relevant documents to subscribe to a service. This normally involves manual handling of documents, keying in data manually in the CRM system and maintaining a document repository. These lead to data and hence order entry errors eventually leading to problems in managing customer orders and long fulfillment cycle times. This has been the traditional way of availing services from a telecom service provider. 

Times have changed drastically over the last few years and customers have access to various channels of information. However, more often than not the customer is still required to visit the store hence there is no change in experience for the customer. 

The CRM system still remains an internal system for the service provider and provides only as much benefit to the customer. It thus becomes imperative for the telecom service provider to digitalize their CRM system(s) in order to better the order management processes. 

In fact a McKinsey research article lays emphasis, among other things, on the below two points:

1. Digitize the CRM process: 

Digital CRM is helping the top performing telecom operators achieve greater cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

2. Digitize the Order Management process: 

The top performing telecom companies are using automated order management systems to link everything from the initial capture and validation of service requests to fraud checks, payment authorizations, billing and customer communications quickly and cost-effectively. 

We acknowledge the contributions from a wider TM Forum community in the customer experience and omnichannel space. And this white paper complements those contributions by exploring how Digital CRM will help telecom service providers to accelerate their order management process. Also, TM Forum’s strategic program ‘Metrics’ has been referred to outline how the benefits can be measured using certain business metrics.