HIP Consult & IDB Partner to Assess Broadband Connectivity in Paraguay with Advanced Geo-Analytics

A HIP Consult project spotlight on a geo-analytics connectivity in Paraguay, supported by the Inter-American Development Bank.

HIP Consult recently completed a consulting and data analytics engagement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) exploring cross-border and national fiber connectivity options to bolster the availability, quality and cost of broadband Internet access in Paraguay.  

Expanding broadband Internet access in developing countries has been linked through various studies to boosting national GDP, stimulating job creation, reducing poverty, and abating climate change. With this in mind, Paraguayan policymakers have been exploring mechanisms to stimulate the deployment of broadband networks across the country, with a particular focus on rural areas, while maintaining and strengthening the involvement of the private sector and the level of competition.

HIP Consult’s remit was to develop practical, data-driven insights to help optimize between economic and development objectives, and inform national investment decisions.

Through visualizing and contextualizing connectivity and socio-economic data, geographic zones for potential fiber backbone expansion were identified and prioritized. The project employed spatial clustering, route planning, and optimization algorithms to prioritize infrastructure investment, and deployment for hospitals, schools and government buildings, in particular.

“We have been impressed by HIP Consult’s steadfast commitment to delivering meaningful results, particularly its novel approach to applying sophisticated data visualization and analytics to qualifying and addressing real-world problems,” commented Antonio Garcia Zaballos, the IDB’s Lead Telecommunications Specialist.

For more information on the project or the firm’s capabilities, please contact us at info@hipconsult.com.