Saudi Arabia invites you to the world of IoT to be a part of it

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  • November 23, 2017 1:22 PM GMT
1 Location, 3 Days, 150 Exhibitors, 17 Subject expert Speakers, 15,000 Visitors Saudi International Exhibition for Internet of Things - Redefining Communications! From 28 to 30 January 2018 Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Organised by New Horizon, under the patronage of Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Saudi International Exhibition for Internet of Things is the BIGGEST IoT platform in the GCC, to witness the grandeur.

Pioneering the “Saudi IoT” in KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA, depicts the initiative to bring the world of Internet users in the limelight. The immense potential drives the event by portraying the technology concepts in the field of IoT. The 3 days event aims to be a unique platform to witness the ‘next generation technology’ & how Internet of Things transforms businesses for creating new opportunities. Our Exhibitors, Partners & Sponsors will be able to connect from a “user to an innovator” & with the key IoT players from KSA & around the globe, that include Decision Makers / Owners, Cxx class Executives, Business Line Executives, programmers, Software developers, Innovators, Start-up community, Sales and Marketing Executives, Government Policy Makers and Regulators, Investors, & Academics.

What is IoT? Where does the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stand on the Internet of Things? Where is KSA IoT headed in 2018, 2020, 2030 and beyond? How do we continue to innovate while overcoming obstacles?

IoT is the Next Industrial Revolution which is going to change our lives in ways never imagined before, from the smart connected homes to wearables to healthcare. In fact, IoT is slowly becoming part of every aspect of our lives. Not only the IoT applications enhancing our comfort, but it is also given us more control to simplify routine work life and personal tasks. According to leading analysts and thought leaders, the growth potential is significant & indicates 8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide – 5.2 billion consumers, 3.1 billion business. That’s a 31% increase over 2016. Estimates say that figure will jump to 20.4 billion by 2020. The potential of IoT markets in KSA is huge.

Saudi Arabia has embraced IoT empathetically over the past decades and this demand is increasing and there has been a significant growth in short spans leading to newer innovations. In today’s world, IoT is the driving force which has put the tech companies to re-think on their engineering process & to comply with the IoT protocols. Saudi IoT, takes on the challenge to set on an expedition to make believe, what is promised, is delivered beyond. Saudi IoT is a plinth to set benchmarks and drive businesses way ahead & better in the years to come and which is undoubtedly the future, when you perambulate with world leaders from the IoT background, to showcase the power & future of IoT.

The Saudi IoT 2018 is one such feast where the subject matter experts have oceans to technology, Experience, ideas, insinuations, recommendations, best industry practices & more to share in a short span. Get noticed, familiar & connected with some of the influential names who are driving the IoT industry. Be the leader in your business domain. Internet has already brought hundreds of millions of people together and created connections that were never before possible – this is just the beginning. Consciously or sub consciously our dependencies are increasing & all heading towards technology, which is one way or the other relating to IoT. How to effectively symbolize, manage, improvise or enhance the use of IoT & concepts, is something to be experienced. The implications of IoT are huge: The entire planet will become a unified, brain-like system. It sounds like a far-off, futuristic concept. IoT is the past, present & Future

With Saudi International Exhibition for Internet of Things, you will...

• DISCOVER the latest business trends, business processes & opportunities

• IDENTIFY the emerging, next generation technologies

• LEARN from the IoT experts the growing IoT services & applications • KNOW the latest technological innovations

• GAIN all the information about how to deploy the latest technologies • EXPERIENCE to be on the BIGGEST IoT platform in GCC

• WALK away with IoT Ideas, Business models that will enhance your existing business

Highlights of the Event: A Salient & a high profile event platform to provide various Technological IoT essence with,

 Saudi IoT Conference – 17 Subject expert Speakers both local & international discussing the most important & relevant topics which includes Telecom, HealthCare, Smart Living, Transportations, Smart Cities, IoT in Enterprise, Data & Security, Innovations & Technologies & more..

 15,000 visitors & more witnessing this grand event.

 150 exhibitors from all the relevant sectors, this event will create a benchmark.

 IoT Workshops – The exhibitors can conduct workshops to share their product/services know-how to the selected audience.

 Smart Area – The Exhibitors can avail the opportunity for the Product launch, relaunch, announcements, demonstrations.

 High level floor plan - designed to give importance & maximum exposure/visibility to every sector participating in the Event.

Saudi IoT Conference: With Saudi IoT Conference, we promise that you will take away knowledge, models and templates that you can begin to apply in your business immediately. Speakers in line are some of the biggest names in the industry like Munir Bhimani, Ramesh R Rao, Henik Von Scheel to name a few… A unique platform for everything on IoT. The Conference will bring together business leaders, executives, engineers, developers and IoT visionaries who will deliver exquisite content on the Innovative technology in the IoT Industry which is transforming business strategies and changing the way we live, work and play. Content will range from the effective use of technology and its evolution over the years, the shift that needs to happen in KSA to keep phase with the rest of the world.

During the Saudi IoT Conference, you will get to hear insightful Keynote presentations, case studies breakout sessions, discussion panels, workshops on some of the most interesting topics of IoT and its influence in KSA. The attendees will get a chance for the Q & A. and exclusive chance to connect with IoT visionaries in the networking sessions. Use this platform to connect them better!

Join us & be a part of Saudi IoT & Understand the true potential of IoT applications. Saudi IoT invites gracious presence to experience the magnitude & the potential that can positively impact your way of thinking, differently.

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