Epsilon selects Linxa to Accelerate Growth of Its Intelligent Voice Solutions

  • Posted by Milly Jacobs
  • May 17, 2017 9:10 AM BST

Linxa’s platform enables Epsilon to seamlessly rate, route, monitor and bill Voice services, supporting its Web RTC, UCaaS, and SIP Trunking solutions

Istanbul, 17 May 2017 – Linxa, a global Voice platform provider, has deployed its Voice management and optimisation platform for Epsilon, a privately owned global communications service provider. The Linxa platform offers fully automated rating, routing, monitoring and billing with industry-leading data processing. Epsilon will use the platform to simplify its management of Intelligent Voice solutions and grow its Web Real-Time Communications (Web RTC), Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and SIP Trunking solutions.

Linxa Connect platform is delivered via the Cloud and includes a proprietary routing distribution algorithm that boosts profitability by up to 20%, while significantly increasing quality and performance. It uses proprietary data processing technology for an innovative approach that allows the platform to perform more than 500x faster than traditional legacy platforms.

“Epsilon has a reputation for delivering new innovations in the market and we are proud to be supporting its intelligent Voice solutions. We built our platform to go beyond what is currently available in the market and offer Voice service providers maximum efficiency and agility in a changing marketing,” said Ali Gazioglu, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder at Linxa. “We look forward to supporting Epsilon as it accelerates its growth and profitability in Web RTC, UCaaS and SIP Trunking. It believes in new insights, innovation and intelligence and that is what we deliver.

Epsilon delivers Intelligent Voice solutions that leverage Big Data and network analytics to offer customers and partners guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE) end-to-end. It supports Web RTC and UCaaS deployments while connecting SIP Trunking solutions globally, via the SIP Trunk Federation.

“Linxa’s vision for Intelligent Voice solutions matched our own approach and we were impressed by its data processing power and the speed and intelligence its platform can deliver. It is really rethinking how Voice services are managed and optimised and that directly supports the growth of next-gen Voice solutions,” said Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO at Epsilon. “Web RTC, UCaaS and SIP are shaping the future of Voice and we’re excited to be working with an innovative partner like Linxa.”   

The Linxa Platform simplifies interconnecting with Voice service providers and gives users a comprehensive set of tools for managing and optimising Voice businesses. Linxa has automated end-to-end processes involved in rating, routing, monitoring and billing Voice services to make it simple and easy to grow profitability.

Its platform is available via an opex-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Its modular design offers an integrated user interface giving service providers a single interface for managing all aspects of their wholesale business. The platform can be rapidly deployed via the Cloud and can be integrated with all types of hardware and software systems.

About Linxa

Linxa delivers a software platform designed for growing profitability and simplifying a complex Voice market. Linxa solutions enable telecom companies to move faster to capture new revenue and drive efficiency in their operations. Linxa offers all the tools and support to efficiently manage pricing, routing, monitoring and invoicing for the best possible performance. This enables you to focus on your core business while optimising routing and making real-time decisions based on price and quality, that accelerates growth and simplifies your operations.


About Epsilon

Epsilon is a global managed network service provider, extending carrier grade voice and data connectivity services to the world’s Communications and Cloud ecosystems. The company offers a smart network utility that combines on demand infrastructure, automation, web-based portals and APIs to give partners friction-free access to global connectivity for resolving complex global networking demands.

All Epsilon services are powered by a next generation hyper-scalable global backbone which connects all the leading telecoms hubs globally. Across this fabric encompasses a dense ecosystem of carriers, service operators and cloud providers offering the leading interconnect point for a diverse set of network and connectivity requirements.