EnigmaCG's Analytics Leaders Summit 19-20 Oct, 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia

Enigma CG’s Conference & Workshop on Analytics Leaders' Summit – Predicting Customer Behaviour to be held from 19th to 21st of October 2016 at Kempinski, Jakarta, Indonesia will offer exclusive networking sessions, professional and interactive panel discussions, high level case studies on successes, combatting challenges, as well as lessons learnt from corporates using analytics. The post event workshop on the 21st of October 2016 by Dr. Carol Hargreaves on Machine Learning will define the benefits of Machine Learning and examine Why, How and When to implement Machine Learning in your business model. Practical examples and case studies will be offered. The conference will give you a cross-industry view on big issues surrounding predicting customer behaviour through marketing and risk analytics.

If you would like to benefit from greater insights into the invaluable benefits and incredible, untapped potential of predictive analytics for organizations in every industry and of every size, then join your fellow analytical professionals in Indonesia to:

  • Garner insights into the best practices within analytics implemented by leading companies in Asia,
  • acquire the skills to predict and avoid pitfalls,
  • learn how to employ Machine Learning to quantify and predict customer behaviour,
  • recognise how data protection can be used to your advantage,
  • understand the impact of IFRS9 and find out how stress testing can be effectively applied to portfolio management.

To register your interest please email at himami@enigma-cg.com

To know more, visit the event website http://www.enigma-conferences.com/analytics-leaders-summit-in-indonesia