Cloud Law European Summit

  • Posted by Marta Lorenzo
  • November 12, 2014 2:37 PM GMT

Adonis Adoni, Cloud Research Manager at BroadGroup discusses the forthcoming Cloud Law conference.  November 25th at the London Law Society.


What is Cloud Law? 


Cloud Law is an inaugural conference set in London on the 25th of November undertaking   the task to navigate companies organizations and end-users through the regulatory maze governing the use of cloud computing in Europe.


Why is this event relevant? 

While cloud has gradually being reaching its technological maturity, it is still governed by an amalgamation of outdated regulations and policies which hinder its promises. Thus to balance the scales it seems imperative to understand and influence changes on the regulatory front. Especially now with the new General Data Protection Regulation knocking on the door the legal frontier becomes all the more relevant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

What is the cloud? 

Unlike popular beliefs cloud is not a new technology; rather it is a new way of delivering computer recourses accessible via the internet as a utility, much like gas or phone services.  


What does the cloud offers compared to traditional IT? 

Cloud offers on demand scalable and cost efficient computing services signalized by rapidity and seamlessly, unbound by physical restraints.  


Why has the cloud yet to receive a total global embracement? 

The cloud is still suffering a regulatory ache, with 28 different legislations governing its use in the EU and the US Patriot Act creating sentiments of concern when dealing with US companies. There are still issues dealing with security especially in the sphere of public cloud as it has been recently demonstrated by the iCloud leaks and there is also the burning question of who is liable in a cloud environment if something goes wrong?                                                                                                                                                      


What are the most important topics discussed at the event? 

The conference seeks to untangle the Data Protection Directive and its successor the General Data Protection Regulation, demystify the function and reach of the US Patriot Act, determine liability issues regarding hosted material and whether the security issues at present are inherent to the cloud while at the same time gearing a debate around data ownership and how the cloud can become a strategic differentiator in specific verticals, such as the capital markets and healthcare amongst quite a few more themes.                                   


 Why should we attend the event? 

CloudLaw is unrivalled crafted into a one day conference that no one should miss, with an outstanding content delivered by speakers whose undeniable expertise and distinguishable prominence is bound to deliver solution oriented debates. With companies of the status quo of Microsoft, Rackspace and Red Hat accompanied with legal experts of top tier firms the event will transform into a networking hub buzzing of business opportunities. 


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