Juliet Media, working with UK5G and supported by DCMS announces 5G Week.

Juliet Media, working with UK5G and supported by DCMS are delighted to announce 5G Week. 

5G Week brings together the UK ecosystem that is driving and highlighting the commercial benefits of the introduction of 5G. Specifically showcasing UK projects, but also stimulating the conversation with international perspectives. Speakers will be talking about business cases and real implementations of 5G, that will allow industry groups to understand how they can benefit.

Key events during the week include the 5G Realised Summit, 5G Week Awards, 5G Week C-Level Dinner as well as a number of events facilitated by UK5G.

“This is shaping up to be a fantastic event and I’m excited to see more great applications for 5G and how they’ll drive growth across the many sectors of the UK economy” – Ian Smith, 5G Testbeds & Trials Programme Director, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport – UK Government.

“5G and the era of advanced communications will provide the global platform for the automation and digitisation of almost everything we can think of”, said Michael Barrell, CEO and Founder of Juliet Media. “5G will create new ways of working for enterprises and new ways of living for consumers, and we are looking forward to exploring it all during the 5G Week in September.”

The 5G Week will be built around utilising live streaming and virtual events to allow the largest interested audience possible to access the content. The ‘on stage’ experience will be in line with expectations for the UK’s leading 5G use-case based event, with the exception of some international speakers coming in via video link. For the small physical onsite audience, we will be taking into account social distancing and scheduled in small groups without the need for queues and any other form of involuntary close contact. This will include pre-booked, staged access to the demo and exhibition areas.

For information on how to get involved at 5G Week please visit www.5gweek.org