Salisbury goes ultrafast with full-fibre broadband from local provider Giganet

  • Posted by M12Solutions
  • February 3, 2020 10:54 AM GMT

Up to 20,000 Salisbury homes and businesses will be able to order Giganet’s ultrafast full-fibre broadband service with the lowest prices.

Giganet, the leading local Internet Service Provider (ISP), has announced the launch of its full-fibre broadband services in Salisbury. Giganet Salisbury is a collaboration between local broadband provider Giganet, and Openreach, who have installed the fibre infrastructure across the city. Giganet are the only local independent provider who have direct access to the new full-fibre ultrafast broadband network, and so can offer the best prices and support.

Salisbury will be one of the first cities in the UK to go completely full-fibre and leave behind the Victorian-era copper telephone network that was never designed for today’s Internet usage. As part of Openreach’s infrastructure, up to 20,000 homes and business in the city will be able to receive up to 1Gb/s speeds, with Giganet able to provide the top 1Gb/s services from 23rd March 2020. The full-fibre technology is future-proofed and able to scale beyond 1 Gigabit per second in the years to come. Giganet’s prices in Salisbury will start from just £35 per month for a full-fibre connection with no line rental required.

Salisbury’s citywide full-fibre roll-out is around 80% complete, with the remaining schedule to be reached by the end of March 2020. From March, Giganet will start accepting orders via the Giganet website for homes and businesses to access the exclusive full-fibre only broadband network. Residents and businesses alike will be able to search their postcode and select the service best suited to their needs and budgets, all the way up to the ultimate full 1Gb/s package for just £79 per month1.

Not only is Giganet Salisbury the only local ISP provider to offer home and business broadband services, but the prices put Giganet as the most competitive full-fibre ISP in Salisbury over even the largest national providers2. A comparison of main providers can be found here:


Residential Services

Service Name

Download Speed

Upload Speed

Activation Cost

Price per Month

Available from

Salisbury UltraBEAM 80





1st March

Salisbury UltraBEAM 200





23rd March

Salisbury UltraBEAM 300





1st March

Salisbury UltraBEAM 1000





23rd March

Salisbury Home Broadband Prices March 2020.


“Next-generation fibre Internet is our lifeblood. It’s what we’re known for and what we’ve been successfully delivering to our UK business customers for well over a decade. We’re extremely pleased to now launch our leading service to homes in Salisbury, and across the nation,” said Matthew Skipsey, Head of Giganet. “Our significant investment in the Salisbury exchange, with 80,000Mb/s of connected capacity, along with our partnership with Openreach enables us to provide truly game-changing fibre technology at highly competitive prices. Not only for residents in Salisbury but also to other Giganet Local cities such as Winchester and Basingstoke where we have unbundled, and Giganet National cities across the UK.”

Through its partnership with Openreach and direct investment in the local Internet Exchange, Giganet will be rolling out its home broadband service nationally and providing Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) to currently around 2 million UK premises. 26,000 premises are being added per week to the full-fibre network. The home Internet packages will be available in Giganet Local cities which include Basingstoke, Winchester and Salisbury where the provider has infrastructure in the Exchange. And to cities across the nation where Openreach has fibre infrastructure. Full packages and pricing, all at a postcode level, will be available on the Giganet website following the launch in Salisbury.

“We’re proud to roll-out our award-winning broadband services to homes across Salisbury and truly accelerate how businesses and individuals live, work and socialise every day. Following a couple of turbulent years for Salisbury, the fibre investment is a huge step in transforming the city. Giganet is excited to support the region with better connectivity and solidify its place as the ‘Best Place to Live in the UK’,” said Andrew Skipsey, Managing Director at M12 Solutions, the parent company of Giganet.

With ultrafast gigabit services you can download a 2 hour HD movie in just 25 seconds. Fast, reliable and affordable connectivity holds immense potential for individual users, businesses and cities across the UK and beyond. Giganet is supporting the move towards next-generation ultrafast Internet that accelerate the growth of the nation.

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About Giganet

Giganet is M12 Solutions Ltd’s Internet connectivity brand, leveraging M12’s sixteen year track-record in the telecoms market and over seven years as an ISP.

Giganet has a strong-focus on fibre-rich services and alternative network providers to ensure customers are offered the fastest and most cost-effective solution no matter where they are in the UK. Giganet’s innovative and first of its kind website allows businesses to receive leased line pricing within 30 seconds without handing over any personal details. Giganet is small enough to care with over 20 staff, but resilient, scalable and adaptable to its customer’s needs. Giganet’s vision is to offer UK homes and businesses the most uncompromising Internet connectivity, and with this, ensure the UK’s infamous service sector have the infrastructure to support its growth for the future.

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(1) 1Gb/s download speed service is available for our home broadband UltraBEAM 1000 service. The actual speed of the UltraBEAM 1000 service when tested will be around 930Mb/s (0.93Gb/s) due to IP overheads.

(2) Giganet’s claim to be the lowest priced full-fibre ISP is correct at the time of publication and benchmarks against the largest national broadband providers.