InfiNet Wireless marks milestone 10th annual Partners Conference with new branding to set the scene for new wave of wireless te

  • Posted by Real Wire
  • July 3, 2019 11:37 AM BST

Moscow, Russia and Budapest, Hungary, 3 July 2019 – InfiNet Wireless, the global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, has outlined its vision for the future of next generation wireless technologies at the tenth instalment of its annual Partners Conference.

Taking place in Budapest, Hungary, the conference was attended by close to 100 partners and end customers from 26 different countries. The two-day conference focused mainly on InfiNet's future strategies, with the company's management team stressing the importance of aligning its global focus with the growing demand for reliable and higher capacity wireless infrastructures.

A launch of a new brand identity was also exclusively announced, defining the company’s vision going forward and aimed at visually enhancing its culture of innovation and synergy with its global partners base.

“Our annual conference is the highlight of our financial year. It is not only an important forum for us to meet with our valued partners, but it is also a golden opportunity for us to listen to current market trends and dynamics, ultimately enabling us to identify new ways to deliver ground breaking solutions,” said Dmitry Okorokov, CEO at InfiNet Wireless.

Throughout the conference, senior executives from InfiNet Wireless presented its strategic intentions and shared the company's new and extensive range of wireless solutions.

Global Vice President at InfiNet Wireless, Kamal Mokrani, highlighted the value of networking among partners, creating a truly global and cooperative ecosystem. He also shared multiple success stories from various industry verticals such as homeland security, remote surveillance of ports and mining assets, and delivering Internet services to rural areas. Various partners attending the annual events also presented their recent wins, including one from the host nation Hungary, as well as from other parts of Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

“This week in Budapest we have felt a real excitement for what’s happening in terms of delivering higher levels of performance out of our solutions, and continuously pushing the boundaries of physics to achieve even more, in less spectrum and at a lower cost to our end users. The constant feedback we get from our partners who are deploying our latest products, such as the new Quanta 5, in all environmental conditions is greatly encouraging and allows us to fine tune our value to them,” added Okorokov.