5G-Courses.com Appoints Deepak Verma as Country Head in India

5G-Courses.com Appoints Deepak Verma as Country Head in India to Drive India's Educational Revolution in 5G and Other Cutting-Edge Technologies.

London, England (Oct. 24th, 2018) 5G-Courses.com today announced that Mr. Deepak Verma has joined the company as Country Head, reporting directly to Piotr Pietrzyk, Chief Executive Officer of 5G-Courses.com.

Mr. Verma has more than 35 years of experience in the industry as a business head with rich marketing and sales expertise holding various leadership roles across the full spectrum of marketing disciplines in leading both global marketing and communications teams. Throughout his career, Mr. Verma has worked with several IT/Telco/Satellite leaders in India and South Asia, including Netlink Sofware Group, Reliance Communications, and Hughes with roles as CEO, President, Executive SVP, and Head of Business Development.

"I am very pleased to welcome Deepak to 5G-Courses.com, and I look forward to working with him,”  said Piotr Pietrzyk, Chief Executive Officer, 5G-Courses.com. "Deepak’s extensive experience will help accelerate our involvement in providing 5G training programs in India and the Asia Pacific.”

"I look forward to working with industry leaders in India and the Asia Pacific that need to transform and equip their biggest assets to face the challenges of 5G and other cutting-edge technologies," said Verma, Country Head in India, 5G-Courses.com. "Once I realized the unique value 5G-Courses.com delivers to industry leaders with its extensive, yet cost-effective program curriculum, I decided to join this unique team. Our goal is to drive India’s educational revolution in 5G, IoT, the blockchain, and car-to-car communication."


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