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IoT Forum on Cybersecurity

1/21/21 4:30 PM - 1/21/21 7:30 PM
VenueTelecom Council Virtual Meeting Room
RegionNorth America

Continuing our series of successful Virtual Meetings, the IoT Forum will convene in the New Year to discover innovation in IoT Security.

Securing the Internet of Things is a primary focus of concern as enterprises and consumers look to protect their IoT devices and networks. From identifying the connected devices, using AI and analytics to detect anomalies, through to mitigating threats, what’s the latest in IoT Security, and which are the startups to watch?

Join our tech scouts from telcos, tech companies, industrial vendors, system integrators and IoT investors to discover innovation AND the startups who are protecting the IoT.

Hosted by Kelley Drye (https://www.kelleydrye.com/)

Sponsored by Dispel (https://dispel.io/)

Details & Registration https://telecomcouncil.com/whatsnext
Fee $200

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