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5G India Leadership Summit 2019

8/30/19 5:00 AM - 8/30/19 12:00 PM

We are delighted to announce 2nd Edition of 5G India Leadership Summit 2019 with a focus on leadership attendance at Sahara Star, Mumbai. 5G India Leadership Summit will deliver a diverse programme of expert speakers, senior operators, policy makers, leading service providers, OEM’s and analysts to discuss making 5G a reality in India by 2020. 5G India Leadership Summit will deliver a diverse programme of expert speakers, senior operators, leading service providers and OEM’s to discuss making 5G a reality in India by 2020.

5G will be the key driver for digital India initiatives. 5G is set to overtake 4G in India by 2020. 

As 5G becomes increasingly integral to industrial businesses and digitalisation, the revenue from 5G enabled digitisation in India will reach $25.9 billion by 2026. 
"Digitization will define the future for 5G in India"

In the future millions of Smartphone apps will be joined by billions of IoT devices, thus forcing wireless networks to grasp for more airwaves.

5G Networks brings the promise of making spectrum and technologies work together better, while the migration to the cloud offers the flexibility to grow without bounds at a lower cost. Mobile network transformation to 5G and the cloud will be complex and even disruptive. 5G Networks lay this path to reduce this complexity, while injecting intelligence and automation into the process.

5G is capable of delivering speeds of over one 1 gigabit per second and support several devices at once. The Indian Government wants India to be the early adopter of 5G, which is expected to be commercially rolled out by 2020. 

Keeping a vision of digital transformation across telecom industry spectrum in view – 5G India Leadership Summit will congregate key decision makers and C-level representatives from mobile operators, handset manufacturers, network infrastructure vendors & Govt. of India to discuss industry challenges and identify opportunities to address them together. The forum will address the mobile operators by focusing on the challenges they are facing of managing the cost of ever-increasing data traffic and simultaneously achieving sufficient revenues by generating profitable returns on their planned 5G network infrastructure investments.

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