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Internet of Things Conference 2019

3/27/19 7:00 AM - 3/27/19 3:00 PM

Internet of Things Conference will take place for the sixth time and bring together public officials, IoT experts, developers, major entrepreneurs, and investors.

Conference program

At the event, IoT specialists from different countries will introduce attendees to the technologies of the future and tell about the implementation of IoT solutions in company operations. The focus will lie on case studies of the technology use in business.

Discussion topics will include:

  • how to set up smart production using cloud technologies;
  • how automation of networks and SDN speeds up work processes;
  • how IoT will advance the machine building industry;
  • IoT for smart cities and transport multichannel communication;
  • confidentiality in the online world;
  • blockchain for the protection of IoT networks;
  • capabilities of the Russian chip for the IoT.

Panel discussions

Participants of two panel discussions will tell how to upgrade business using the IoT. During the first discussion, specialists will explain why the IoT will bring benefits to entrepreneurs, and the second discussion will focus on satellite communication in the future 5G infrastructure.

Exhibition of IoT products

Guests of the event can expect the traditional exhibition area that will gather Russian and foreign developers of IoT solutions. Exhibitors will present readymade products intended for different fields: logistics, telecommunications, robotics, healthcare, trading, smart home, and urban infrastructure.

Organizer and venue

The event is organized by the international Smile-Expo company that has been hosting large-scale B2B conferences for 12 years.

The conference will take place on March 27 at the address: Technopolis Moscow, 42 Volgogradsky avenue.

Details and registration >> iotconf.ru.

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