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Mondato Summit Asia 2018

12/12/18 2:00 AM - 12/12/18 12:00 PM

Throughout Southeast and South Asia, companies are taking advantage of extraordinary mobile and smartphone penetration, which has led to proliferation of social media and e- and m-commerce.  New digital channels have provided a conduit for delivering more advanced DFC services, and entry points for un/underserved populations.


The space is fast building momentum, and though there also now some established “giants” increasingly throwing money around through joint ventures and acquisitions, it is doubtful that we are approaching anywhere near maturity for digital finance & commerce (DFC). Many telcos are still well within the transition from communication services providers (CSPs) to digital services providers (DSPs), while well-financed banks experiment with new technologies such as blockchain or begin integrating with fintech.


Our host market, Indonesia, includes many rising stars, including increasingly well-established ecommerce and sharing economy marketplaces. Considered by many to be experiencing a fintech boom, it is also seeing rapid growth in financial products such as P2P lending, something so far welcomed by regulators in a market with previously limited access to loans by the mass market. This all while smartphone ownership accelerates. Governments and multi-lateral organizations across the region are increasingly seeking to realize the efficiencies and growth envisioned through this “4th Industrial Revolution.”


Mondato Summit Asia will explore how various sectors are repositioning themselves and fintech technologies and entrants look to complement these entities. In particular, it considers how DFC is being applied more broadly beyond just basic financial services, and how this may translate into investment opportunities. The Innovation Arcade and Mondato Awards provide case studies of specific implementations of DFC value propositions.

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