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  • Rui Paiva

    In the IoT stampede who will get trampled?

    14,298 views - Posted December 10, 2015 by Rui Paiva CEO - WeDo Technologies

    Depending on which analyst report or expert opinion you listen to, the number of Things that will be connected to the Internet in the next five years will be anywhere from 1 billion to 100 billion. So let’s just assume there will be lots of them.   The second big area of conjecture is h...

  • Nanda Kumar

    Telcos have OTTs, banks have FinTechs

    21,916 views - Posted December 3, 2015 by Nanda Kumar CEO - Suntec Business Solutions

    Brett King (Amazon best-selling author, well-known industry commentator, speaker, the host of the ‘Breaking Bank$’ radio show on Voice America and founder of the revolutionary mobile-based banking service Moven) firmly believes that in 50 years time the banking industry will look back an...

  • Mohammed Sha

    Streamlining services for smarter shopping

    11,996 views - Posted December 2, 2015 by Mohammed Sha Director of International Marketing Communications - Asia Info

    Are we all getting ready for the season of goodwill, holidays, overindulgence in food and drink and total immersion in retail therapy – aka shopping? Aren’t many of us doing this shopping from the cozy lounges of our homes on our mobile devices? But, is your mobile operator doing enough ...

  • Paul Vedam

    Federated inventory management solutions do not work

    23,124 views - Posted November 19, 2015 by Paul Vedam President & CEO - TIERONE

    The idea of federated data became big when some of our venerable industry leaders decided it would solve the ongoing challenge of inventory management systems.   Ideas come and go, so my initial reaction was that we would just have to wait a little while for this idiotic one to pass by. Howev...

  • Andy Tiller

    Whether its usage or using – data dominates the agenda

    13,678 views - Posted November 17, 2015 by Andy Tiller VP Corporate Product Marketing - AsiaInfo

      It’s been a busy month for telecoms industry conferences for us. We were sponsors at both the Global Telecoms Business Marketing Summit and at the Next Generation BSS conference in London.   Although very different events in their make-up, one thing that struck us about both e...

  • Chun-ling Woon

    In search of the right telco CRM

    10,889 views - Posted November 16, 2015 by Chun-ling Woon Chief Strategy Officer - Etiya

    Telecoms operators are in a category of their own when it comes to customer experience and support. They often have millions of private and business customers, for a start, and customers are their most valuable assets. They also have to combine “legacy” systems with newer technology and ...

  • Mounir Ladki

    Future 5G Networks

    65,324 views - Posted November 10, 2015 by Mounir Ladki President and CTO - MYCOM OSI

    5G, the next generation standard of mobile communications has entered into its initial requirements definition and research phase with commercial deployments expected to start around 2020. 5G will not just be an improvement to current mobile technologies, 4G/LTE, it is supposed to become de-facto st...

  • Rui Paiva

    Fighting fraud like fighting forest fires

    10,065 views - Posted November 2, 2015 by Rui Paiva CEO - WeDo Technologies

    I recently had the great pleasure of meeting senior fraud management experts from the major US network operators at the WeDo Conference held in Washington, DC, but what they had to say about fraudulent activities on networks around the world was most concerning.   They were all active in the ...

  • Nanda Kumar

    IoT - going into battle without bearing the standard

    24,878 views - Posted October 30, 2015 by Nanda Kumar CEO - Suntec Business Solutions

    In my last posting I touched on the difficulties that are being encountered with the rush to then Internet of Things (IoT). I highlighted the fact that all the scenarios outlined were possible now and the fact that we often pursue new technology objectives, usually for commercial reasons, without ca...

  • Paul Vedam

    Brokering in the technology selection process

    14,430 views - Posted October 30, 2015 by Paul Vedam President & CEO - TIERONE

    Continuing the theme from last time, this is the challenge faced by service providers: how do they get access to the right technology? How do they find the non-legacy technology or the innovative solutions that have not yet become widely known?   This is an issue that concerns both the servic...

  • Andy Tiller

    Ad-blocking by Apple might spoil the barrel

    22,296 views - Posted October 13, 2015 by Andy Tiller VP Corporate Product Marketing - AsiaInfo

    Customer data – gathering it, analyzing it and monetizing it, is the mobile internet’s hot topic of the moment. And operators need to pay close attention. Last month it was Spotify in the news for its revamped T&Cs that contained unwanted intrusion into its users’ personal lives. T...

  • Chun-ling Woon

    Open data drives decision making and investment!

    8,828 views - Posted October 9, 2015 by Chun-ling Woon Chief Strategy Officer - Etiya

    “Data drives decision-making and it drives a lot of the services we all consume… It’s a simple example: By publishing the data it allows everyone inside the city and outside to go in and add intelligence and services on top of it. Los Angeles is now rated the number one open data ...

  • Mounir Ladki

    Smart City and the opportunity for the Telecom Industry

    18,889 views - Posted October 6, 2015 by Mounir Ladki President and CTO - MYCOM OSI

    Cities and urban areas are growing at an unprecedented pace and are having an ever greater impact on human life. In fact the global urban population has grown from less than 1 billion people in 1950 to more than 3.9 billion people in 2014. And according to a United Nations report published in July 2...

  • Rui Paiva

    From sailing ships & port wine to spaceships & things online

    4,529 views - Posted October 1, 2015 by Rui Paiva CEO - WeDo Technologies

    As a persistent promoter of Portugal I had great joy in reading that my beloved country, rich with a history of discovery, had discovered a new spirit of entrepreneurial adventure.   A recent report in Forbes magazine simply confirmed what we in Portugal have known for years.   “...

  • Mohammed Sha

    It’s time to put the customer in control

    3,857 views - Posted September 29, 2015 by Mohammed Sha Director of International Marketing Communications - Asia Info

    October sees National Customer Service Week in the UK. It’s an initiative aimed at raising awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy. There is a lot of information on the website, including a breakdown of complain...