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OSS projects - Analysis and Modeling are crucial

  • In this day and age there seems to be a lot of confusion about what is right and what is wrong when it comes to doing a proper deployment of an OSS project.  This is partly because not enough analysis is done to help guide the developers in the right direction.

    Having said this what is good analysis and how does one take this analysis of various operational entities and translate them into good modeling which will eventually act as a baseline for great code development.  In my humble opinion good analysis starts with solid documentation and a steady understanding of what is being done.  This not only requires cooperation from the various operations departments at a Telco but also from other sources like billing departments and procurement.

    Some great insight has been provided by Blair Pallopson in his article titled "Standardizing OSS device Modeling"  which goes over various scenarios with reference to operational expenses and capital expenses and how functional building blocks are key to good analytical work prior to modeling devices etc at a Telco.

    Modeling and Analytics play a key role when one is about to start an OSS project which can sometimes take years to complete; however if mistakes are made earlier on they can surely derail large deployments and cost both time and money which as we all know in the real world are two things that are treasured most.

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