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OSS complexities in developing nations

  • Being a North American and having been exposed to a lot of telco's both in the United States and Canada I have always wondered how complex an OSS project would be in an under-developed nation.  A friend of mine is currently working at Telco-Malay in Kuala Lumpur and talking to him gives me a glimpse of how the other side of the world copes with issues pertaining to OSS organization.

    Since my main fortay is Infrastructure and I am not overly exposed to the various analytically discussions that take place during the various phases of an OSS project; therefore out of curiosity I have been reading a lot about developing nations and their plight with OSS transformation.  

    My initial thoughts were that even though countries like Qatar, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai are a few of the rising stars of the developing world however their network configurations and demands for expansion are equally as complex as say networks in North America.  In my opinion these are made more complex by geographic location where countries have to import resources from outside their borders in order to facilitate a large OSS transformation project.  

    Managing teams of analysts, developers and architects is difficult in the best of circumstances; but with the added difficulty of finding these resources and getting them to lend their talent halfway around the world makes it rougher.  Language barriers and cultural differences also pose a huge hurdle to cross.  

    In the end I would just like to say that although some of these countries might be "less developed" then our own; the amount of work required for a proper OSS transformation project remains as difficult and challenging as the developed world.  

    I'd be interested in sharing your view's on the matter and how different circumstances have made OSS projects easier or more difficult at Telco's around the world.

    Zubair Shaikh
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