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Social networking sites providing commercial incentives.


    These days people seem to be in a really hurry to tell their friends where they are
    via their Facebook or Twitter homepage.  Well with the all the increase in traffic to
    these popular websites; marketing and advertising departments for various agencies have
    started developing their own applications for BlackBerry's and iPhones to provide
    incentives to users for visiting local shops who they have as clients.
    The idea is very simple; anytime someone goes to a coffee shop or a local cafe
    and updates their local Facebook or Twitter site with the name of this location
    they start accruing virtual dollars; which can earn them physical prizes at that
    location.  The more a user goes to a particular spot the more points they get and
    well after a while they get something for free for doing what they would normally
    do before but didn't get "paid" for.
    The local shop gets exposure for being advertised by users telling their friends
    where the are and thus generating traffic to their door.  Advertising and marketing
    agencies make money by helping these shops generate more business for a referral
    fee or for advertising with them.  Seems like a win win situation to me.  Now why
    didn't someone think of this before? and I wonder how much traction will this get in the
    Zubair Shaikh
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