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Can JBoss compete with Oracle Weblogic?

  • There has been a lot of buzz around the news of RedHat integrating JBoss Middleware into it's suite of products. Some of this buzz is based around the fact that JBoss is in same market as its rival middleware application server formerly known as BEA Weblogic or now know as Oracle Weblogic.  

    Speaking from experience and having done work with both application servers I can see how JBoss would get the sense that it is capable of competing with a battle tested middleware app like Weblogic.  JBoss has also had a good amount of field testing but since it was the OpenSource version of a J2EE integration server it didn't get the amount of professional development that BEA provided Weblogic.  

    Robust and more affordable JBoss is gaining market share quickly; specially with smaller companies that are unable afford the "Enterprise" pricing of Weblogic.  This however does come at a price, again like everything in life you get what you pay for and implementing a solution based on JBoss can have it's limitations.  In my experience most integration solutions providers prefer to work with Weblogic primarily because it has seen a lot of action in the field and as such makes supporting it easier and quicker. After all what good is a solution if the support for it isn't there.

    Most IT administrators would prefer to work with products they are familiar with and when SLA's and timelines are in play they would choose a product that has evolved over many years rather than choosing something because it was cheap; I would leave that job to the number crunchers of the company.  So question remains; Oracle Weblogic vs. JBoss, well I leave that up to the implementor and people who will be supporting it, in the mean time I encourage everyone to experiment with these two products in their own environments and see how they like them.






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