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Money on the go!

  • Like most consumers I like to shop online and try and look for the best deals in addition to buying things from reputable websites and online vendors who provide me a bigger bang for my buck with the added bonus of making it convenient to pay for the things I have bought.

    One such company that I always look for doing business with is Paypal; I recently bought something from eBay while I was sitting in the lobby of my apartment building and without having my computer in front of me. I really found it handy that there is a convenient little application written for my iPhone that helps me pay for my recent purchase securely and conveniently.

    As an IT professional I know how much work and effort has gone into building out the infrastructure and technology that made my transaction simple and easy and helps me appreciate all the hardworking men and women working long hours so make this possible.  I also wonder sometimes what life was like when there was no Paypal or eBay or any of these really cool technologies that we take for granted these days and what the future of eCommerce is say 5 years from now.  

    It is a bright future for online vendors and money transfers alike my friends and I for one am really looking forward to what innovators come up with next in trying to make online shopping easy and safe.

    Zubair Shaikh
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