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Oracle Corp and Sun Microsystems; match made in computing heaven

  • I have been working with Unix based systems for over 10 years and during that time I have seen plenty of ups and downs in the infrastructure industry.  These changes have been related to both software vendors and hardware manufacturers.  These changes both help and hurt the computing world where really good software and hardware have been phased out due to lack of funds and vision from either investors or users.  

    One such tragedy almost happened when Sun Microsystems almost declared bankruptcy because of the continued popularity of hardware independent Linux based machines.  As we all know Sun Microsystems builds both the hardware and the operating system software which runs most enterprise level applications.  The hardware is high end and requires specialized resources to deploy but the reliability of this solution pays for itself with nearly 100% uptime.  


    Rather than letting the market decide to throw a knockout punch and take Sun Microsystems out of the game Oracle came to it's rescue and bought them out.  This in my opinion creates one of the most robust and reliable enterprise level solution that an IT guy can ask for.  I enjoy working with products made by these companies and with these two working in tandem with one another helps the overall middleware and back office solutions. 

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