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Proper planning is the key for Systems integrators.

  • One of the things I have experienced in rolling out large enterprise applications is the
    lack of coordination between various groups who will eventually do the work and roll-out
    either a billing system, data migration system or even a tech support ticketing system.
    Difficulties arising from systems integrators who fail to deliver on promises made during
    the sales cycle of their services contract end up costing the customer both time and money.

    A sure fire way of eliminating some of these issues is to have a solid management team
    which includes program managers, SDLC (Software development life cycle) managers such as
    deployment leads and project managers.  Each of these individuals or teams of individuals
    is responsible for a section of the overall project and strict deadlines have to be
    enforced to make sure that an slipage in deliverables is accounted for in the overall

    Recently I was engaged in a project in which the main integrator had major issues with various
    software and hardware vendors which it contracted to provide an end solution to our mutual client.
    Resource allocation ended up costing the project both time and money and the go-live date was
    almost a moving target which would change week per week requiring other vendors to lend their
    own technical resources to compensate for the systems integrators lack of coordination.

    Setting the timeslines correctly with the right type of hardware and software can help enormously when
    deadlines are strict and any issues can turn into major catastrophe's which can derail a project
    that could have been delivered on time.  I almost feel that this was a case of being a sleep at the wheel from
    the upper echelons at the primary integrator who dropped the ball on how to handle both the project and the customer.
    My main point is not that the timelines slipped; the point that I am trying to make is that when
    other vendors have to keep compensating for the lack of care from the main integrator there need
    to be consequences either in monetary terms or in some other way so that this type of thing
    doesn't happen again.  In the end customer satisfaction is paramount and what we all should strive for.

    Zubair Shaikh
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