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Virtualization, wave of the future or just a fad!

  • There has been a lot of talk about the future of Virtualization in large scale environments such as
    Banks and Telco's because of the cost of actual physical hardware coming down.  Companies like IBM, Dell
    and Sun Microsystems have nearly halved their prices in direct competition to one another and as such
    have further driven costs of all types of hardware to a point where companies can afford to have bigger
    Infrastructure to sustain their ever growing customer base and the demands of enterprise applications
    for dedicated server resources.

    We live at a time which presents us with a great crossroads  between going "Green" & eco-conscious or providing the
    biggest and best to our customers whether it be a Telecommunications company or any other kind of large
    enterprise.  I read an article recently that stated the I.T. world uses 26% of all global electiricty
    produced.  That in my opinion is a mind blowing number; and as an energy conscious technology professional I
    prefer Virtualization over how cheap I can buy hardware. Let's face it folks in the end the total cost
    of ownership of big hardware should also include how much companies spend on day-to-day operations and maintainance of
    their vast server farms.

    If companies are to compete in an ever changing global market and get the most bang for their buck then Virtualization
    policies have to be a factor in deciding whether to choose cheap hardware versus eco-consciousness.
    Virtualizing environments provides us best of both worlds since it reduces electricity costs, realestate costs to house
    these large server farms and the I.T. administration staff for maintaining all this infrastructure.

    In the OSS industry one way enterprises can have both is by doing proper requirements analysis as mentioned in Rich Coles'
    article "OSS Requirements - Half The Battle" and making sure that the environments procured for various projects and engagements
    meet the exact criteria for the business case that needs it.  The trend of "More anything? more everything?" just doesn't work
    and is not sustainable from a budgetary and resource perspective.  Experience tells me that Virtualizing environments as much
    as possible helps both the bottom line and is eco-friendly. The question of "Is Virtualization just a fad or is it here to stay?"
    is answered very quickly when we use just a little bit of gray matter in implementing the right technology at the right place.


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