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Is it business transformation or just another Frankenstein?

  • I am going to say it again: business transformation within telecoms as we understand it does not work, has not worked so far and will not work unless we fundamentally change what we want to do.



    I have already discussed some of the issues that telcos really need to think about in my previous blogs. For example, customer experience may be at the heart of everything that a service provider strives to do, but this is not reflected in their personal interaction with customers. This is partly because telco back office systems are in chaos and have been for some years. That in turn has a dire impact on the quality of customer support that telcos can provide.


    Let’s continue to dissect the transformation stories we have heard to date. A common belief is that looking for a new set of systems must be the right answer. “Our favourite brand vendors have a selection of them with many ‘established’ customers so it must be good,” you think. “Let’s get the best of the best and see what a great ecosystem we can build.”


    What you are actually doing is giving life to a new Frankenstein - in some cases replacing a former but at least familiar monster as you bring these new systems together.


    Don’t get me wrong: I am on the vendor side, and getting the service provider to buy a new version of the same hammer is at the heart of what we are trying to do. But if I am going to get you to buy another hammer, it should be a different hammer, right? One with maybe a built-in GPS or so

    mething and not a red hammer for a blue hammer. I know, I know US politics had to come in and give their two cents here ….


    Next we have the id

    ea of abandoning the legacy systems so it won’t interfere with our new ecosystem. But again: you are getting money from your legacy system; all your customers are on it. What makes you think you can ignore it while this is going on? Ignoring it until it goes away is never a good answer, I would think.


    In fact, a coexistence strategy is a must as we introduce a new platform into the overall existing ecosystem, and we must be prepared to handle all of the ripples this will create.


    Here is one possible key: why not introduce one system at a time into your current ecosystem and effect true innovative change? Assume it will take longer than the ROI you think you need to meet, or which the integration vendors have promised to achieve. Instead of focusing on the ROI, you have to prove that this core change will create a new pillar that can act as an anchor for the new ecosystem. It will provide a future where change is easier and faster to achieve, and drive new processes into the work place.


    But Stop listening to the sales pitch. Prove it instead before you bring a new change. New processes in the work place? Now there’s a thought…


    Paul Vedam
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  • Sri Jagadish Baddukonda
    Sri Jagadish Baddukonda A stepped transformation approach is the right way and there are no doubts about this approach. However, even within this approach, we need to give due importance to the Solution and the fitment of the solution vis a vis the larger OSS/BSS Architecture, t...  more
    June 19, 2015
  • Paul Vedam
    Paul Vedam Cato... definitely an interesting conversation at TMF. thank you for taking the time.
    Not sure if I understand your analogy and how it applies to this :) but we should talk some more at the next opportunity...
    Fundamentally all I am really saying is befor...  more
    June 19, 2015
  • Paul Vedam
    Paul Vedam jagadish thank you for your comment. Are you aware of a fairly large transformation in Europe a while back. I will leave the company name out of it but it was a big one. Interestingly when I talk to people about it, I would say they had an enormous emphas...  more
    June 19, 2015
  • Sri Jagadish Baddukonda
    Sri Jagadish Baddukonda Yes Paul - I get it when you say emphasis on Architecture. There were too many things going on at the same time.
    June 21, 2015