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Virtualization: A real world OSS example at an OSS implementation project

  • Zubair's article inspired me to write about a real world example of how virtualization helped a major telecommunications company deliver an OSS inventory solution.  The lessons learned and benefits realized will be detailed in a multipart series by this blogger..

    Part 1- The background - "Necessity is the mother of all invention"
    Most OSS platforms are very complex software stacks that involve many tiers and third party software packages and expensive hardware infrastructure.  Often in large complex organizations such as incumbant telecommunications companies this translates to an extremely long delivery cycles to get them racked, installed and ready for customization and configuration by implementation teams.  In the case of one telecommunications provider this delviery already long delivery cycle for infrastructure had turned into many months because they had embarked on a major IT transformation program that had put extreme demands on their IT service management organization and the resources required to meet the demands the folks responsible for standing up infrastructure in the company's datacentres.  All of this resulted in OSS implementation projects being faced with the prospect that their whole programs would be delayed because of development,testing and training all being dependent on infrastructure being avaialble.
    In the face of this, the telecommunications company was faced with a difficult situation where they would have to delay projects and wear the associated costs or look at ways implementing a virtual approach to project delivery that would make use of available infrastructure such as spare laptops and spare workgroup servers.   Leveraging these and their enterprise software licenses for the for third party software components required for their OSS platform the company worked with their implementation partner to set up muliple development and test environments using freely available virtualization software.  Ultimately this allowed the project to progress forward through the build and early test phases on a very limited set of spare workgroup servers and spare workstations. The project team was praised by the IT executives and their approach was adopted and pushed to other areas of the IT transformation program.  
    What leasons were learned and how did virtualization benefit this major OSS implementation project?  In the next post I'll give a detailed account of how it improved engagement with the business side fo the organizations through early and continuous exposure to progress....
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