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MWC - Mobile innovation Award Results Announced

  • The GSMA has just announced Ubidyne as the winner of the GSMA Innovation awards. As you may know we(TP) are video interviewing all the finalists for the awards in Barcelona this week and will have the material up on TP by the weekend so you can take your own views. All the companies that got to these finals have something really interesting to offer. And in my view who should win probably depends on your own interest area, as the companies cover everything from medical apps to some great self recharging hydrogen fuel cell technology.

    The show in general seems as packed out as in previous years. Although the numbers are so large anyway, even if it 40k attendees instead of 55k, its enormous. Almost to big to really find your interest areas - especially if you are mostly sitting in a little studio doing interviews like us!

    But its a great opportunity to meet a lot of people in one place that normally would be spread over the rest of the year. In this regard I got to meet for the first time Kent and John from DonRiver. You will see them both blogging on TP. So it was great to get the feedback that TP has helped them make contacts and with the growth of the DonRiver. Also great to understand more about the space DonRiver has carved out for itself in the space of mobile money and making OSS/BSS environments work for a large number of major operators around the globe. Very impressive business and well worth looking at if you are in this space.

    Also great to meet the Metratech team in Barcelona, along with all the guys from Martin Dawes, and Conceptwave.

    Something a little left field that got my attention is a company called Emporia. We meet them last year and they were just a couple of people walking the floor. And this year have a stand bigger than Sony Ericsson that is packed and deals with a number of major operators. So must go to show you cannot use the recession as an excuse for not growing a business in Telecoms!! .
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