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OSS Evolution – Federated OSS

  • ”The CSP service evolution necessitates single central solutions that merge fragmented processes across various organizational entities, in order to automate and expedite end-to-end fulfillment and operational processes.”

    – Gartner (OSS Magic Quadrant for OSS)


    OSS EvolutionThis is the most accurate and applicable statement that can be made of the current OSS landscape for almost all CSP’s worldwide.


    The problem is that most CSP still try to solve this situation with complex migrations or procuring yet another enterprise OSS that is simply the devil they don't know. 


    Let the data and systems remain where they are… leave them be. 


    Focus on the Process.  Consolidate the process.


    That is the core of this statement that is missed again and again.  CSP’s need to add a process purposed ‘layer’ above their legacy, enterprise, and homegrown systems and even, believe it or not, the spreadsheet based tools. 


    Solutions should not be forced down the business users throats.  The solution should be to unify, simplify and automate the process – ideally via a browser-based User Interface.


    Why do CSP’s not take advantage of HTML 5?


    Utilizing a browser-based solution not only simplifies user on-boarding and usability but it also easily extends to mobility without yet another IT tool being required.


    And, lets be honest, CSP executives do not like the alternatives.  Data Migrations? Why?  They are slow, costly add risk to the business and the tangible business benefits are what exactly?  It is very hard to articulate the ROI of that business case… I know this through years of painful experience.


    Enterprise Layers, Modular framework, Federated Inventory – whatever buzz word you want to use; it comes down to focusing on the process and not the individual systems. 


    Enterprise OSS companies have stagnated the OSS industry and confused systems with process.  CSP’s are in the business of selling service, delivering service and assuring service and not managing systems that do a million ‘things’ most of which are never used.


    Consolidate the process and all the issues you thought you had to solve become irrelevant.

    Kent McNeil
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