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Isn't it Time we Dropped the M from MVNE?

  • MVNE is very much in the ether at the moment and even though there can be some fuzziness around the strict definition of MVNE everybody accepts that the M stands for mobile.

    Mobile telephony (GSM/GRPS/3G/CDMA etc) and associated services have held the spotlight for some decades but we're gradually witnessing a split between the service and the underlying transport medium - just like the split in UK rail industry some decades ago between track and service.

    New players are emerging that will deliver their converged services, including voice and data, over many mediums, including GSM, PSTN and WiFi, without troubling the end-user with the technical routing details. After all, when you buy a train ticket you pay a single fare regardless of who owns what track.

    Perhaps it's time to phase out the use of MVNE in favour of VNE. Or perhaps we just start calling them Multi-service Virtual Network Enablers?

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