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What will burst the Fixed-Mobile Convergence bubble?

  • Well, not the idea, because it's a good idea and delivery is long overdue. It's what the customer/business/consumer/user (select appropriate term) wants. The freedom to have one number with one price plan against multiple identities (desk phone, business mobile, personal mobile, car phone, dongle etc) is enticing in its practicality. 

    And there are many flavours... but that is detail and not what this blog is about. 
    Will network technology be found out... that it can't deliver the goods? 
    No, unsurprisingly, the technology behind FMC is proven, based on the principles of IP and - like all technologies - will do almost anything you want given enough time, resource and investment. 
    Is it possible that current billing systems are inadequate to deal with the requirements of complex hierarchical structures, closed user groups, multiple record types, or convergent billing? 
    No. I can't speak for other billing vendors but (shameless plug alert), Martin Dawes Systems can do this, and has done for some years. 
    But here's the bubble-bursting bit. Provisioning and Service Management. 
    Provisioning requirements for FMC? 
    Orchestrate the disparate provisioning requirements for a variety of hardware, software and network components - some items with a potential lead time of 3-6 months. This will likely be across multiple geographical sites set against a complex dial plan that perhaps no one in the customer's business fully understands. 
    Service Management requirements for FMC? 
    Provide, add, change, distribute, suspend, terminate, inquire, track, and finalize. All activities and data records to be synchronised across the many in-house and third-party systems. 
    While some elements of the service will always require human ingenuity and effort, the effective management of end-to-end processes for delivery of FMC requires pre-planning, automation and dynamic orchestration. The 'manual labour' approach will lead to excessive delivery costs, errors, and failures that will result in delivery bottlenecks, poor customer experience, incorrect billing, revenue leakage and ultimately increased churn. 
    The opportunity here - and the point of this blog - is that FMC is not about launching a new service, the opportunity is to get ahead of the game and deliver unrivalled service. 
    Rob Smith
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  • Dan Martin
    Dan Martin rob, it is amazing how little keeping customers and driving the cost out of delivering the service seems to matter to many companies. the good news is that until they run out of money, they'll keep having chances to get it right.
    May 1, 2010