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Top 3 Insights from the TM Forum Revenue Assurance Survey

  • Okay, I confess I’m bit late. It’s a busy time, with many new and interesting things going on, (but I’ll write about that in another post). So I apologize, I still haven’t published my traditional Top 3 insights into this year’s Revenue Assurance Survey results that the TM Forum published 3 months ago. I’m going to correct this immediately.


    Over 60 participants participated in this survey. A unique approach of the TM Forum RA survey is that it presents the raw results without interpretations. This makes the TM Forum RA survey an obligatory reading material for all RA practitioners, and having the raw results leaves room for my and your interpretations. So my recommendation is to read this post, and then go read the report here, and agree or disagree with my conclusions. Have fun.

    So my top 3 insights are:


    1. RA covers  significant parts of the company’s revenues but is not yet end-to-end

    22% of the respondents report that RA activities cover more than 90% of Total Company Revenue; and additional 42% report covering more than 60% of Total Company Revenue. While these coverage levels are acceptable - over 60%, or even very good - over 90%, looking at the processes reveals at a different picture. Some processes are very well covered: Rating and Billing, and Network and Usage Management are covered by over 90% of the participants, however other processes are significantly neglected, Partner Management (covered only by 52%), Customer Management (50%), Finance Management (46%) and Receivables Management (39%). This is an alarming situation, and much more emphasis on the neglected processes is crucial.

    2. RA needs to move from its comfort zone to control the principal business growths engines.

    LTE, MVNO hosting, Over the TOP (OTT) and mobile money are regarded today as major growing engines in our industry. However, RA coverage of these services is relatively low - 76% of the participants providing Mobile Money services estimate that they have minimal or no coverage for this service. Regarding OTT, the percentage is 60%; MVNO hosting - 59%; and LTE - 41%. RA should move from its comfort zone (voice, data, etc.), and pay more attention to these major growth engines.


    3. RA involvement in Change Management and new product  development is becoming the standard

    I started to advocate the importance of the involvement of RA in Change Management and new product development many years ago. Back then when I spoke about  this, people look at me like I was crazy, or at least talking sci-fi. "How is it related to recovery?"; "Will anybody let RA mess up and delay new product development?" were questions people typically asked me. The TM Forum survey shows that today 65% of the participants are often or always going through new product development processes, and 62% of the participants are often or always undergoing a change management process. Okay, so it's not 100% yet, but it’s an important shift. RA understands the importance of these activities. We understand that RA is not just about recovery, but that prevention is crucial. Great!

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