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The Time is NOW to Figure Out 5G Monetization

  • I was lucky enough to attend the Realise 5G event last week in London, a kickoff for the summit in April 2019 to put momentum behind the rollout and adoption of 5G in the United Kingdom. The organizers brought together a lively and opinionated group of people – always a good combination – from government, industry sectors, analysts, vendors, and of course service providers themselves.

    My impression is that most in the industry well understands that the technology of 5G is going to enable the type of services that you’d find in film and television shows about “the future”. Remote healthcare, robotics, augmented reality and agriculture run by drones – which is happening now but will be even more effective when communications latency is reduced by 5G – are just some of examples that were highlighted during the panel session. (Fun fact from the agriculture expert on the panel: the UK produces 2% of the world’s potatoes!)


    At Sigma, we’re focused on helping service providers monetize the innovations that emerge on service provider networks – create-sell-deliver, differently, is the way we look at the world. It struck me that not only is there a huge question about how service providers will monetize 5G technology, but also, who should initiate it. The panel at the event addressed the question from the perspective that industries will largely be the catalyst for this, telling service providers how they want to apply 5G to solve problems in their sectors.


    Sigma’s CTO Catherine Michel, who is a current member of the UK5G Advisory Board, takes a different view, saying that it’s the service providers who need to be the catalyst for how 5G will be applied in reality. 


    Understanding each point of view, I think the main message is that it will take active participation and collaboration by service providers who know the technology capabilities and industries who have problems to be solved to bring 5G enabled service monetization into clear focus. That collaboration, like the implementation of the technology, is happening now.

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