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IT Transformation Programs…let the madness begin.


    I’ve been involved in two (and soon possibly three) IT Transformation programs throughout my career with IT investment dollars in the billions and programs lasting many years. 
    IT Transformation programs are a heaven-sent for systems integrators, product vendors, independent consultants and a plethora of other industries that are positive for any economy (e.g. airlines, corporate apartments, local businesses, etc.).
    My experience with these programs…they’re extremely, extremely challenging. Some say these programs are too large and too difficult to manage and have unrealistic delivery expectations; some say these programs are needed in order for a carrier to compete. 
    Issues common to every OSS/BSS project are multiplied by a thousand in a transformation program. Think of the complexities:
    a.       Vendor selections – never an easy task and very important to select the right vendor based on long-term needs
    b.      System requirements – an issue it seems in any program…a massive challenge in a transformation program
    c.       System Integration – when transforming an OSS for example, the integration is extremely complex as you have to deal with fulfillment, inventory, service assurance, network performance, activation, etc.
    d.      Delivery Resources – access to SME’s to deliver the solution is a challenge…especially depending on client location. 
    e.      Infrastructure – there’s usually a long line of SI’s and application vendors waiting for their hardware to arrive. 
    f.        Program & Release Management – trying to determine when projects are deployed, the predecessors, dependencies, etc.
    I’m curious to know what people think (in general) of IT Transformation Programs. What are your experiences?
    John McVey
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