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How will our kids communicate tomorrow?

  • It is all because of my 17 year old son, who seems to be glued to his iPhone. Right - he is glued to the iPhone - not the other way round. 

    So I really started wondering how he is going to communicate in future. What does communication mean for him? What does he expect - what does he take for granted? 

    I guess it will be the answers to such questions which determine which service providers of communication will be successfull in future. My current impression is that it might not be the good old incumbent operators who are taking this market in future.

    Take a look at what's happening in the internet world - the dirty, young child of communications (from a Telco perspective). 

    Have you realized that Google has started to force themselves into communications? Have you tried GoogleVoice? Or GoogleTalk? Do you see what's happening now that they integrate all of these features into their social network Google+? And what if they get Motorola as well?

    Or have a look at facebook. They are about doing just the same - maybe more advanced to some degree already. The integrated Skype into their platform. Skype is owned by Microsoft nowadays. And Microsoft not only provides Windows Mobile, they have been teaming up with a hardware manufacturer called Nokia.

    And finally our friends from Cupertino - Apple. They are the market leader when it comes to Over-The-Top hard-and software. And they have started doing similar things: FaceTime, Ping, an entire value chain around iTunes and the rumor of soft SIMs - selecting the carrier of choice.

    Putting it all together: Major non-Telco industry players are creating entire value chains around merged communication community platforms. A new generation of social networks, enriched by communication features. The social network by nature is a collection of contacts - or an address book, as we called it in the past. So sure - it's such a logical thing to do. Make a communication switchboard out of your social network. 

    Thats what Over-The-Top is all about. Forget the Telco layer beyond. Let them continue to search for the killer application to fence in boared and half-satisfied customers. Meanwhile the new world is created at another level.

    You got to wake up Telco, if you don't want to miss out entirely of this business.

    What do you think?



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