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Featured Blogs

  • Rick Kapani

    Getting Much Closer to Customers

    929 views - Posted August 27 by Rick Kapani Founder and CEO - Apptium

    Using specialist software to provide a richer and more intimate customer experience   There is an app for that. It may be a cliché, but it’s true. In fact, there is a smartphone app for almost anything and everything. There are now more 2.5 million apps available for Android a...

  • Rick Kapani

    Supercharging Software Deployments

    1,475 views - Posted August 10 by Rick Kapani Founder and CEO - Apptium

    How to slash the time it takes to set up a disruptive business   Start-ups are supposed to move quickly. But sometimes they can’t get out the blocks. One big obstacle they face is deploying the right software, particularly, when they are trying to be a disruptor.  For a new play...

  • Dean Bubley

    Industrial 5G networks will mostly be discrete and isolated

    2,579 views - Posted July 8 by Dean Bubley Founder & Director - Disruptive Analysis

    A key argument cited for telcos having a central role in industrial / vertical #5G networks is "service continuity". Devices and users can connect both on-premise and in the wide area, because both are enabled by the same operator. An MNO can thus best provide on-premise connectivity as an extension...

  • Derek Long

    Advanced Communications – Why do we need 5G?

    3,959 views - Posted June 17 by Derek Long Head of Telecoms and Mobile, Wireless and Digital Services - Cambridge Consultants

    On Thursday 28th May Juliet Media hosted a well attended virtual panel on the subject of Advanced Communications. The panel included Tony Sceales of the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), Dritan Khaleshi of Digital Catapult, Jiri Laznicki IoT CTO of Orange and was chaired by Derek Long of...

  • Tony Sceales

    UK's enthusiasm for 5G is going strong!

    3,405 views - Posted May 15 by Tony Sceales Head of Programme Development - 5G Programme - Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport - UK Government

    The GSMA recently released an article titled ‘5G: A Backbone for Europe’s Economic Recovery’, which points to the role the mobile industry, and the innovation 5G is playing in continuing to drive new thinking in technology, business and critical services across the 750 mo...

  • Rick Kapani

    The New Digital Marketplace

    14,332 views - Posted October 2, 2019 by Rick Kapani Founder and CEO - Apptium

    The New Digital marketplace reflects the truth of “Evolve or die”. Customers expect more and smart systems are the way to deliver. E-commerce was your grandfather's front-end.  I know that sounds like a bold statement but the world has moved on because E-commerce today doesn't...

  • Rick Kapani

    Putting Customer Experience at the heart of operating models

    17,179 views - Posted July 22, 2019 by Rick Kapani Founder and CEO - Apptium

    Customer service is a people thing. It’s about how consumers, the people who buy things interact with the people at companies. Making that relationship work means those who are customer facing need the right tools to provide the highest quality of customer service.   The Apptium philoso...

  • Mounir Ladki

    5G and what it means for service assurance

    19,442 views - Posted May 31, 2019 by Mounir Ladki President and CTO - MYCOM OSI

    5G; first there was a vision, then there was hype, then there were promises. Finally, it’s here (or at the very least coming soon to a network near you). Even in the UK, a market that was in danger of lagging behind on its 4G launches, we’re seeing EE switch on its 5G services in six UK ...

  • Payam Taaghol

    Kill the RFP? Yes please!

    20,325 views - Posted May 22, 2019 by Payam Taaghol CEO - MYCOM-OSI

    Agile procurement can save billions and accelerate innovation! We have contributed to the most recent TM Forum research report “Time to Kill the RFP?”, looking at how the telecoms industry approaches procurement and how the process can be improved to save time, money and effort for all ...

  • Payam Taaghol

    How to monetise the 5G experience

    18,977 views - Posted May 13, 2019 by Payam Taaghol CEO - MYCOM-OSI

    As 5G rollouts begin in earnest, significant questions remain as to how the business model will stack-up for next generation networks. It’s actually a little shocking that despite investing billions in spectrum and billions more in network buildout, this is still even a question.  We kno...

  • Mounir Ladki

    Telco Cloud – The 4 immutable laws

    18,979 views - Posted May 9, 2019 by Mounir Ladki President and CTO - MYCOM OSI

    A strategic digital transformation and migration of infrastructure to the cloud can cut a CSP’s IT costs by up to 31 percent. This isn’t a number I’ve made up. This is the judgement of 3 UK’s director of IT transformation, speaking at their media and analyst event last w...

  • Faisal  Ishaq

    Digitalization – What We Thought is What We Now Know

    22,239 views - Posted April 24, 2019 by Faisal Ishaq Director of Global Channels and Partners - Sigma Systems

    There’s been a lot of buzz about Ericsson’s recent announcement regarding the write-down of their next generation BSS Revenue Manager solution. Lots of analysis, lots of reasoning, but I haven’t seen anything that actually looks at the logic behind what happened. Let’s s...

  • Glenn Gibson

    MWC 2019 - 5G, “Killer” Robots, and the real opportunity for SP

    37,081 views - Posted April 24, 2019 by Glenn Gibson VP Marketing - Sigma Systems

    Well, another Mobile World Congress has come and gone, another badge put to rest reminding me of how many years I’ve been at this game. As grueling as it can be, I’m quite fond of the ritual descent upon Barcelona and the demanding pace and non-stop interaction with all sorts of people (...

  • Stephen Krajewski

    NaaS in Action: So Hot Right Now

    23,613 views - Posted April 24, 2019 by Stephen Krajewski Director Product Marketing - Sigma Systems

    Recently, Sigma attended the TM Forum Asia summit in Kuala Lumpur. In addition to interacting with service providers and other players in the region, we — and when I say we, I mean our own Drew Jordan — showcased Sigma’s participation in the NaaS in Action Catalyst projec...

  • Stephen Krajewski

    The Time is NOW to Figure Out 5G Monetization

    25,063 views - Posted February 15, 2019 by Stephen Krajewski Director Product Marketing - Sigma Systems

    I was lucky enough to attend the Realise 5G event last week in London, a kickoff for the summit in April 2019 to put momentum behind the rollout and adoption of 5G in the United Kingdom. The organizers brought together a lively and opinionated group of people – always a good combinat...