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  • Real-time will unlock the potential of data

    The potential for innovation that real-time brings to data is far from over. We have seen the horrors of BillShock being controlled, we have seen
  • The hacking, spying and customer care conundrum

    Operators are investing millions to understand what their customers do online but 86 percent of internet users ‘have taken steps to remove or mask their digital footprints’ - what does that tell you?
  • Operators and Vendors – Mind the Gap!

    Vendors and operators are historically carrying on two monologues at the same time, and there is a gap between the things on the vendors’ agenda and those on operators’.
  • Turbo Boost – nice idea, impossible to deliver?

    While we may all want turbo boost options, spare a thought for the operators who have to deliver them. Is it even viable and can it even be charged for accurately?