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  • NFC wristbands - now we're talking

    NFC World reports that a team of developers are raising funding on Kickstarter for a rubber wristband that wearers will be able to use to unlock their phone, cancel or postpone an alarm clock, control the volume of music, skip songs and share their con...
  • Differential pricing next?

    There are already thousands of ways to price and charge for digital services but how long before we have to get down to pricing for demographic groups and even individuals.
  • Yahoo! Hackathon uncovers behaviour tracker

    Yahoo! may have been making headlines with its eleven acquisitions over the last year and the constant media attention its CEO, Marissa Mayer attracts, but it has also been busy nurturing new mobile app developments.
  • No more boohoo at Yahoo!

    Yahoo is a great brand, but does anybody these days actually know what it does? However, identity crisis may be only one of its problems.