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  • Is Elop the new messiah at MS (or simply a prophet?)

    There's no keeping a good man down. Stephen Elop now sees the future clearly for Microsoft. Should we be worried?
  • Microsoft changes tack on slipping Surface sales

    Offering its new Surface tablet through limited company-owned outlets may have been an attempt to establish Microsoft as a retail powerhouse but the experiment seems to have failed with news that it will be offered through other retailers sooner than planned.
  • Windows 8 suffering from rejection, already!

    It's hard to believe that within a week of its launch that Windows 8 is getting a bad rap from the very market that Microsoft needs most to support it.
  • Big boys bumble with mobile

    Companies like Intel and Microsoft made their fortunes from personal computers and Google from people using them to search for things on the internet, but times are a changing and they may all be left behind.