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  • Going commando!

    Recent discussions with some unnamed operators might indicate that they are indeed ‘going commando’ when it comes to their cloud strategies, and some are fearful of being caught out!
  • Windows 8 suffering from rejection, already!

    It's hard to believe that within a week of its launch that Windows 8 is getting a bad rap from the very market that Microsoft needs most to support it.
  • Windows Mobile secret weapon for operators

    Windows Phone 8 may become very popular with mobile operators according to a report from Rethink Wireless.
  • No more boohoo at Yahoo!

    Yahoo is a great brand, but does anybody these days actually know what it does? However, identity crisis may be only one of its problems.
  • Will Softbank sprint clear in US market?

    It would be a bit rich for AT&T to claim the new Softbank/Sprint/Clearwire hook-up would be gaining an unfair advantage , but it will.
  • Honey, Apple shrunk my iPad!

    I won’t be rushing out to by an iPad Mini. Despite Apple’s remonstrations that is “not a shrunken down iPad” it plainly is, and not a really good one either.
  • Wi-Fi Warfare

    How do you let annoying neighbours know they are annoying you without confronting them or being annoying yourself? Apparently, in today’s high tech era there is a much more subtle way of getting a message through.
  • Big boys bumble with mobile

    Companies like Intel and Microsoft made their fortunes from personal computers and Google from people using them to search for things on the internet, but times are a changing and they may all be left behind.
  • It's a miracle!

    Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has announced an operating profit of €182 million. Not surprisingly, analysts were quick to confirm earlier predictions that the company is being prepared for a sell-off.
  • Amazon highs and lows

    I've got to admit Amazon's current UK advertising campaign is a real winner. It's basic premise is that the firm invents something revolutionary that none of us notice, because it becomes so normal once they do it. It's a refreshing change from the lik...